About us

Our Mandate

To provide customized dispatch/ delivery software services to logistics businesses and merchants in order to streamline their business processes and make workflow more effective and efficient alongside delivery of goods to individuals nationwide.

Our Goal

To provide everyone in the global community with the technology that can make the process of ordering a product to delivering it as easy as possible.

Company Info

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Who is driving PiDi

PiDi is run by a group of young professionals who are passionate about delivering great service at the best price for all genres and industries.


Who are we

PiDi is a trademark registered under Avia Nigeria Limited (“We”). We are a fully registered company with Head office in Lagos, Nigeria 


Acting with Integrity

We are principled in our conduct and can be trusted to act capably and expertly in conveying our business.

General Enquiries:

Phone & Whatsapp: +234 908 727 9583

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